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Get Involved

Would you like to join us in the pursuit of protecting, nurturing and educating children in the Himalayas and significantly enhancing their lives?

Check out the ideas below then leave us your contact info in the form below so we can stay in touch!


Himalayan Life is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity, funded by donations and grants. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible (in Canada and Switzerland).

You can donate online or by cheque, payable to

HimalayanLife Canada
400 – 221 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 3J3 Canada


Volunteer your skills and time! We have volunteering opportunities in the Himalayas such as:

+ Teaching English in Yangri, Nepal, at the HimalayanLife school (3 weeks – 3 months)

+ Homework coaching at the HimalayanLife HOME FOR NEPALESE MIGRANT CHILDREN in Ladakh, India (3 weeks – 3 months)

+ Running leisure activities and empowering the Himalayan Life staff with your specific skill or sports (juggling, bmx, floorball, basketball, crafts… 7 days – 4 weeks)


Are you looking for ways to make your family-get-together even more meaningful, for added value to your jubilee or birthday? Do you want to do something compassionate at your school, office or church?

There are no limits to your own ideas of organizing a fundraiser for the kids in the Himalayas. We can provide you with U-Raise material such as a DVD, powerpoint presentation, flyers, and posters introducing Himalayan Life’s work.

For example you can…

+ create an online fundraising page to honor a special family occasion, then e-mail an invitation to family and friends to donate rather than buying gifts.

+  produce gift cards or other craft items with your craft club, sell them and share the proceeds with the kids in the Himalayas.

+ ask your friends to chip in towards a donation as a Christmas present.

+ drink drip-coffee instead of latte at Starbucks (or elsewhere) for a month and donate the savings ($50 when doing this daily!).

+ give a benefit concert with your choir or music group.


From time to time we organize vision and awareness trips to our project sites in Nepal and North India. If you want to expands your horizon and experience first hand the situation in the Himalayas, then this is definitely for you! Please contact us for upcoming trips. 


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