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November 21, 2017

GIFT OF LIFE: Annual Compassionate Giving Campaign
The HimalayanLife Christmas Gift Catalogue is out!  Please consider making use of this opportunity to infuse your Christmas giving with a whole new dimension of meaning and purpose.

Once again, there is a variety of gift items which will address very real needs of children and families in Nepal, and as you make the gift in the name of a family member, friend or colleague, your Christmas-giving will be so much more meaningful.

click here to see the online-version of the catalogue

Gift-of-Life 2017.output

August 22, 2017

Upcoming Tours to Nepal
ADVENTURE WITH PURPOSE is a new endevor in conjunction with HimalayanLife . The vision is to bring groups to Nepal for an adventure, be it dirt-biking, trekking, mountain-biking or what-have-you, AND see the work of Himalayanlife first-hand. Meet the children and experience the incredible transformation that is happening in their lives. In short: go to the Himalayas for an incredible adventure, while at the same time contributing. The net proceeds from these trips will go towards HimalayanLife’s street kids programs. Click here to read more about upcoming trips!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.23.44 AM

June 20, 2017

New Kids at the Street-Children Shelter
A batch of new kids has been rescued from the streets. Adjusting to life away from the streets, drugs, gang, and perceived total freedom is hard!


April 25, 2017

Nepal Earthquake Two Years Ago!
After substantial relief efforts, we are building now a regional school in the hard-hit Yangri Valley, and we are raising funds for the school through GlobalGiving. On the occasion of the 2-year anniversary, GlobalGiving is offering a 50% match – make use of it!

link to GlobalGiving


April 10, 2017

A Reflection of my Recent Visit to Nepal

by Steffi Burgi

I’m going to share a short story from our time in Nepal that just touched my heart. On the first day of hands-on ministry work, I went to the street to school home where former street boys live and go to school. First, we got a tour of the home. On the lower floor is a TV room and three sleeping rooms and upstairs is a kitchen, two study rooms and a bedroom for the parents of the home. When we arrived it was homework hour and the kids were all busy studying. We tested the oldest boys on their English and general knowledge and it was amazing seeing just how intelligent they are. A boy in grade 3 could spell the word precipitation, in English, in under 5 seconds, without hesitating. The boys proudly told us how they were at the top of their classes. Bindu, the parent of the home, said that two of the boys might be able to skip a grade since they are so smart. These bright students are former street boys who were at the bottom of the social pecking order, addicted to glue, filthy and treated worse than dogs. That day, we were making juggling balls made from several layers of balloons filled with sand, with the 8 oldest boys. The boys made three balls each and then practiced their juggling skills. It was heart-warming to see the joy on their faces, as they improved, and the concentration they had for such a simple craft. As we were making the juggling balls, I started talking with one of the boys, Prawindar, who seemed vaguely familiar to me but I did not know from where. I had been introduced as Daniel’s daughter and he told me “Your dad find me on streets, he bring me to shelter.” I was speechless, I could not reply for the look on his face was one of pure love and gratitude for what my dad had done. Then it clicked, Prawindar had been at the shelter 3 years ago when I had visited Nepal. I remember him being uncontrollably wild, he would kick, and bite and ram his head in the staff’s back if they even just turned away from him for a second. God’s grace has turned that street boy into an intelligent young man who has a bright future ahead of him.


producing juggling balls with former street kids

Thank You

steffi burgi







April 8, 2017

Recycling in Nepal @ HimalayanLife-Plastics: a short video

by Rick Colhoun
Shared via OneDrive

January 15, 2017

New Year’s Greetings

Belated Happy New Year! Just a quick update from HimalayanLife bevor I travel to Nepal tomorrow: I am excited to be back in good health after my life-threatening illness last Fall, and I definitely count it a privilege to be able to continue the work of standing in the gap for marginalized children and young families in the Himalayas.

I have just crunched a lot of numbers with regard to HimalayanLife’s work among the streetchildren in Nepal last year. While it is difficult and not necessarily helpful to measure the extent of a Christian charity’s work simply in terms of numbers, here are a few cool ones:

  • In 2016, the HimalayanLife street-kitchen alone has served 12,447 meals to streetkids in Pokhara.
  • A total of 150 children are cared for in the various HimalayanLife homes/schools and are afforded an education.
  • At HimalayanLife’s social enterprise, 569 metric tons of plastic have been recycled, which is the equivalent of 1,25 million pounds of plastic or 23 million plastic bottles.
  • 13 former street boys have received vocational training at this financially self-sufficient recycling facility.


There is no column on the spreadsheet, though, which could capture the substantial transformation in the lives of the children, or the degree to which they have received relief from the immense trauma in their lives. There is no index that could measure the value of increased happiness and joy – but this is precisely wherein my joy lies. I continue to dream for the kids to live with hope and future, and with healthy relationships all around, within themselves, the community, the environment, and with God.

There is definitely no shortage on challenges and opportunities as I look ahead. I am very excited about the opportunity to build a regional school in the earthquake ravaged Yangri Valley. Likewise, I have great expectations that the Halfway-House, scheduled to open in February and intended for former street boys who now are trainees at the HimalayanLife recycling plant, will contribute to the process of recovery and finding life-to-the-full for the these young men.

Thank you for your continued friendship, for all financial support, and for journeying with us.


Vocational training for former street boys
Foundation work for Yangri Regional school
a group of HimalayanLife students – even one pretty tall one…

January 10, 2017

Final Update on Gift of Compassion

A huge Thank-You to the many who have participated in the Christmas Giving Campaign. It has been a smashing success this year, with proceeds exceeding $14,000 going without any deductions to children and families in need to Nepal.

Please SCROLL DOWN for details regarding the Christmas cards and the artist.


December 12, 2016

About the Artist…

The artist who has handpainted each and everyone of the Christmas cards is BISHAL GURUNG. He is the brother of a HimalayanLife staff, 19 years old, and entirely self-taught with regard to his art. Here a few pictures showing the process:

Poinsettia production stage I – IV


Bishal Gurung – the Artist

14195960_525616377628030_6524229351100868720_otools of the trade

November 2016


The HimalayanLife Christmas Gift Catalogue has been mailed out! Once again, there is a variety of gift items which will address very real needs of children and families in Nepal, and as you make the gift in the name of a family member, friend or colleague, your Christmas-giving will be so much more meaningful. Last year I had a number of feedbacks from people in whose name a present had been sent to Nepal, all to the effect that this was their best Christmas gift that year. 

So, please do consider making use of this opportunity, and I trust that yourself, as well as the recipient of the gift and the person in whose name the gift is sent, will all experience the sheer joy  of giving and thus the true spirit of Christmas

I am particularly excited about the fact, that every dollar donated to this campaign will go to Nepal in full, as the administrative cost for the program has already been taken care of.

Please find below the link to the electronic version of the catalogue. Thank you!

Link to the catalogue – please click here


February 2016


Just a quick update from Nepal… I am thrilled to report that the lights in the earthquake-ravaged Yangri Valley are back on. We have completed the rebuilding of the essential components of the small hydropower plant, and Karina and I had the pleasure to preside over the re-commissioning ceremony last week in Yangri.

The restoration of power constitutes a huge step in the process of rebuilding in the Yangri Valley. We can now machine-produce lumber for house construction. Moreover, the boost of hope and confidence for the locals who have endured so much is immense. As one villager happily sad: Now I can rebuild my house.

So, on behalf of the people of Yangri, I’ll say THANK-YOU to all of you for your support.

Rebuilding continues with bringing in the equipment for the sawmill and carpentry workshop, rebuilding houses, and developing the plans for the regional school whose construction is scheduled to commence in late Spring.

With Gratitude,


Commissioning ceremony with scarves as the traditional token of gratitude


Turbines and generators back in service
 Payday for the more than 100 workers helping in rebuilding Yangri
Men at work



October 15th 2015


A team of 18 motivated helpers from Switzerland working alongside the local villagers to clear and rebuild the water channel constitutes the life-line of the village.

Photos by Daniel Burgi

Kanalbau #1

Kanalbau #2

Kanalbau #3

Kanalbau #4


October 15th 2015


Water for the village = LIFE and HOPE

Photos by Daniel Burgi

Kanalbau #5


October 15th 2015


Helping a hard hit family clearing the rubble of their house destroyed by the earthquake, so they can rebuild their home.

Photos by Daniel Burgi

Platzsäuberung #1

Platzsäuberung #4

Platzsäuberung #3

Platzsäuberung #2

October 15th 2015


Teaching floor-hockey at the local school and in the village community – thus bringing back smiles and joy to the traumatized kids!

Photos by Daniel Burgi

Unihockey #2

Unihockey #5

Unihockey #4


October 1st 2015


Sazita – the new HL teacher welcoming her students.

Photos by Sonam

school in Reepar #10


school in Reepar #11



October 1st 2015


Everybody was there for the opening ceremony of the Mini-School 

Photos by Sonam

school in Reepar #6


school in Reepar #3


October 1st 2015


Challenging transport of material to the new school in Reepar, Yangri.

Photos by Sonam

delivery of schoolmaterial #1


landslide #1



October 2nd 2015


 Live from the apprenticeship program at HL-Plastics in Pokhara!

Well done!

Apprenticeship Rohit #2
October 3rd 2015


streethockey chitwan #1
Aug 21st 2015


Temporary school in Yangri (Ripaar) opened!

Good news in the midst of enormous difficulties: RIPAAR, a cluster of some 60 houses high up on the slopes of the Yangri valley, has been largely cut off from the rest of the village by massive landslides and a raging river:


I cannot but admire the COURAGE of the locals: in the midst of the enormous difficulties they are faced with, they have constructed a temporary school in a new location for their village. One villager even donated the land. Everyone helped.

IMG_5988himalayanlife is contributing the TEACHER: Sachita will commence teaching the mixed class of kindergarten to grade 3 students as of September 15th. Sachita is presently living in Kathmandu and is keen to help out in the earthquake ravaged Yangri valley.

 Welcome to the team Sachita!




 July 30th, 2015


First Milestone Reached: Drinking Water Supply Restored!

Great news: Clear spring water is once again piped to Yangri and is freely available at the 5 public fountains! The culverts, cistern and piping have been repaired.

Here some images:

Final touches

Final touches

First Water

so clear...!

so clear…!

water - Life...

water – Life…


more about the YANGRI HOPE PROJECT click here 
fundraising for RELIEF WORK IN YANGRI click here

Yangri 2 drinkingwater #1YANGRI HOPE PROJECT #5

Sindhulpachowk Drinkingwater #1