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Partner with us to protect, nurture and educate children in the Himalayas.  There are several ways you can Stand in the Gap…

3 Ways to donate to HimalayanLife Relief Work


Dear Friends of Himalayan Life Canada, April 28, 2015

Many of you have heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday.

The destruction and loss of life is immense. Particularly Kathmandu has been hit very hard.

Amazingly, I have been able to get through over the phone to some of our staff and workers – everyone in Pokhara, Ulleri and Kathmandu. As I write this letter I am enroute to Nepal.

Thankfully Himalayan Life escaped the earthquake largely unscathed:

– All the Children and Staff in our homes and the Workers are accounted for and well.

– The home in Ulleri is largely undamaged.

– The Streetkitchen and shelter for the street kids are undamaged and continue to operate.

– The recycling plant in Pokhara is undamaged and can resume operations as soon as utilities are restored.

– The bottle depot and processing unit in Kathmandu has been partially destroyed.


While caring for the children entrusted to us will obviously continue to be a priority, there will be ample opportunities and need for us (Himalayan Life) to join the relief efforts. In fact, I believe we are extremely well positioned to make a real difference with our pre-existing shelter and street kitchen facilities. With the incredible devastation of towns and villages in the hills and mountains northeast of Pokhara, I expect masses of displaced people to flood into Pokhara. They will need food and shelter, and they will be in need of trauma counselling. We can Help!

We will certainly need all the help and resources we can get in this hour of immense need in Nepal.

I am sending out this letter to appeal to your kind generosity and compassion to help us, helping those in great need in Nepal.

As you know, your donation dollars at Himalayan Life go, directly towards the relief work and support in Nepal, rather than overhead costs.

There are three ways to do this:

1. Send a cheque to us directly at the address above, marked Relief Work.

2. Visit our web site: and go to “Donate now” button, to donate by Credit Card.

3. Visit /charities/himalayan-life, to donate by using your Credit Card.


Thank you for all your Prayers and Support – I will keep you posted,


Daniel Burgi
















HIMALAYAN LIFE is a not-for-profit organization and registred charity, funded by donations and grants. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductable (in Canada and Switzerland).

You can donate online or by cheque, payable to

400-221 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC

The Facts:

  • $ 50 per month is the cost for protecting, nurturing and educating an ABANDONED CHILD in Nepal. This includes the cost of housing, food, education, clothing, leisure, staff, facility rent… – simply everything.
  • Caring holistically for a Nepalese SLAVE CHILD in the Indian Himalayas costs $80 per month.
  • For $30 per month you can feed a STREET CHILD in Nepal. This covers the cost of food and all related program expenses including staff and facility rent.
  • $100 covers the cost for a Nepalese woman to participate in Adult Literacy classes for an entire season. Typically, participants become functionally literate within 2 years.
  • $50 is the cost for a winter survival package for a Nepalese Slave Family in Ladakh.
  • $25 buys a set of clothing (pants, T-shirt, sweater, shoes) for a street child.


Knit a sweater, hat, or socks for a child in the Himalayas – an excellent way to ease the sting of winter’s cold and demonstrate your compassion. You even may want to do this as a group, have fun while knitting AND multiply the benefit in the Himalayas…

Please contact us for sizes, patterns etc.



Volunteer your skills and time! We have volunteering opportunities in the Himalayas such as

Teaching English in Ulleri, Nepal, at the village school where the kids from the ULLERI HOME FOR ABANDONED CHILDREN go to school (3 weeks – 3 months)

Homework coaching at the FRIENDSHIP HOME FOR NEPALESE SLAVE CHILDREN in Ladakh, India (3 weeks – 6 months)

Running leisure activities and empowering the HIMALAYAN LIFE staff with your specific skill or sports (juggling, bmx, floorball, basketball, crafts… 7 days – 4 weeks)

Please contact us with your ideas / for more information



Are you looking for ways to make your family-get-together even more meaningful, for added value to your jubilee or birthday? Do you want to do something compassionate at your school, office or church?

There are no limits to your own ideas of organizing a fundraiser for the kids in the Himalayas. We can provide you with U-Raise material such as a DVD, powerpoint presentation, flyers, and posters introducing HIMALAN LIFE’s work.

For example you can…

… create an online fundraising page to honor a special family occasion, then e-mail an invitation to family and friends to donate rather than buying gifts

… produce gift cards or other craft items with your craft club, sell them and share the proceedings with the kids in the Himalayas

… ask your friends to chip in towards a donation as a Christmas present

… drink drip-coffee instead of latte at Starbucks (or elsewhere ) for a month and donate the savings ($50 when doing this daily!)

… give a benefiz concert with your choir or music group


Vision Trips

From time to time we organize vision and awareness trips to our project sites in Nepal and North India. If you want to expands your horizon and experience first hand the situation in the Himalayas, then this is definitely for you! Please contact us for upcoming trips.