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As Daniel and his team took to raising up these children from a life under the bridge and scrounging the dumps for scraps to LIFE through the Pokhara programs, the children under his care grew. They grew into young men who had no parents, no support network and no formal documents. As bright, talented, and educated as they were, they remained burdened with the stigma of being “street kids” and found themselves unemployable. This, was an unacceptable future for Daniels children. And so, he envisioned for them a place they could receive further training with the hope of employment and he devised Himalayan Life Plastics Ltd (a separate social business venture not related to Himalayan Life Charity). This recycling facility – which is solely responsible for the lack of plastic littering the streets and lakesides of Pokhara – is also home to an apprenticeship program where the young people he has supported throughout their lives can receive specific skills and job training. Not far from the street kitchen, shelter grounds and permanent residence, Daniel has found these boys a home of their own we call the “transitional house” where they live with a life coach and practice real life skills like cooking and money management. How Daniel and his Himalayan Life team have met the challenge of raising boys who had no parental guidance into independent young men is nothing short of incredible.