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In 2015, Nepal was rocked by a devastating earthquake and the Yangri Valley sat at its epicenter. 100% of the homes, water and power structures were destroyed in the area, and up to 80% of the population in the surrounding villages were killed. This breathtaking Valley was sitting in ruin when Daniel and his team trekked in following the quake. He describes standing on the valley edge, looking out over the landscape and ruin, and knowing in his heart – Himalayan Life could help. He spent the next year arranging for emergency food, medical and shelter supplies for the remaining residents. He restored the water and power supply throughout the valley (think hand hoed water ways and stringing hydro lines on with something akin to stilts). After he’d given LIFE to the people through water, hydro and shelter, he hatched a plan to instigate an education center the likes of which Nepal had never seen. An architect from BC designed it to be built using local resources and local hands, teacher recruiting began, an international team set out to create curriculum and train the teachers, the beams and windows were hand hewn and hoisted, the foundation cement was hand crushed, stirred and laid. Yangri has been brought LIFE after sitting in death, and it’s education center will bring HOPE for the future children for generations to come.