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When Daniel asked the question – as we all certainly already have – “Why are the children landing up on the street” he discovered that many of them where the product of a village way of life coming to a grinding halt as modernity caught up to the mountains. What was once a back breaking, but peaceful existence found fathers and families abandoning this traditional way of life, often resulting in devastating choices that dismantled the family structure that rural Nepal depended on. As families unravelled, children found themselves in precarious situations and suddenly the streets of Pokhara and Kathmandu appeared like a better option. And so, he looked up at the hills surrounding Pokhara he decided that if put a home on the hillside, maybe he could catch the children and give them hope before the every even landed up on the streets. The Ulleri home contains the life of 30 boys and girls and their house parents. From here they receive the love, nourishment and support they need to complete their education.