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A Beautiful History.

HimalayanLife’s Adult Literacy classes have a beautiful history. One that begins with a wonderful, compassionate, curly haired lady named Renata.

Renata, a long time friend of the Burgi’s, first came to Nepal in 1997 with hopes of co-developing literacy classes for adults in Nepal. She first began her teaching in the far Western regions of the country, where she focused on educating women. Once the home in Ladakh was created, Renata helped adapt the curriculum for Nepalese migrant workers. This made it applicable and relevant to the different culture and experience of the Nepalese working in India.

HimalayanLife’s staff member, Lila was equipped by Renata and the Burgi’s to teach the parents of the children that were in our Ladakh home. Lila found so much joy in giving this opportunity to learn for these parents! So much so that when Lila relocated with her family to work for HimalayanLife in Yangri, she asked if she could start a program there!

The Legacy Continues

Lila has just began her first literacy meetings with the parents and community members in Yangri this last month. 20 women have come and they are well on their way learning to read and write in Nepali! We anticipate that there will be beautiful stories of transformation that come out of these classes!

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A Himalayan Life Women’s Literacy Group meets to learn to write and read in Nepali

The momma’s with their new book bags, notebooks and pencils working away (all photos courtesy of Lila)

A group of mothers and middle aged women meet to learn to write and read as part of Himalayan Life's adult literacy program