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Reflections from yesterday in Chitwan

Met by Himalayan Life staff Loveson by the roadside, we start to walk through a slum and find a small clearing in the jungle with a carefully swept dirt field, complete with nets and players wearing jerseys. They are ready for the next game of uni hockey, just as soon as ther finish their snack. Each month, Loveson  gathers his team of volunteers to mentor and coach them. Loveson asks us to introduce ourselves and then translates into Nepali.

Then we hear the whistle! As they play hockey together so many things are happening. Village kids and older sibblings gather to observe. Do they see the joy and team spirit on display? We do! Do they see the advantages of community sports outreach? We do! Do they see young people playing fairly? We do.

I begin to sing songs with the the youngest kids. We engage in conversation with the volunteers Loveson has recruited, some in high school, others in junior college. This is another fine example of kids and teens moving from ‘not life to life’.

– Marlene Perrett

Loveson leading a team huddle surrounded by his team of hockey volunteers

Loveson leading a team huddle

The Nepalese boys team ready to play street hockey in the field

The boys team ready to play

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