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What a Week!

The Yangri Academic Center (YAC) launched its first ever Project Week! The teachers were as excited as the students to introduce new topics and games to address this year’s theme: Our Five Senses.

Project Week gave an opportunity to get out of the regular class schedule and introduce some inter-class learning. Our Upper Kindergarten students had the chance to join in with our Grade One class and Grade Two and Three classes joined together as well.

Each day we focused on one sense. Through a variety of activities the students would learn and explore the sense’s function through games, songs, experiments, models and craft activities.

On the last day, everyone gathered together to present what each group had created and learned! We celebrated all we had learned by using all five senses through fun activities and of course through yummy treats!

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Many young disadvantaged students learn outdoors during Himalayan Life's Project Week A young orphan child in Nepal learns to paint using natural color
A young orphan boy in Nepal smells fresh flowers during Himalayan Life's Project Week

Photos courtesy of Katalin Geisel