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Support a Mother in Adult Literacy Classes!

Adult literacy is incredibly important, though many of us take it for granted. According to UNESCO, over 6 million Nepali people over the age of 15 are considered to be illiterate. Most adults who were not given the opportunity to learn to read and write as children are left forgotten as schools and education systems are established in previously unreached areas.

Adult literacy - woman practicing writing
Working hard during class!

At Himalayan Life, we don’t believe formalized education should be limited to traditionally school-aged children. This is why we’ve established an adult literacy program in order to encourage everyone to experience the joy of learning!

Every evening in Yangri, two of our incredible staff from the Yangri Academic Centre offer lessons to the community. Because of this generosity, those who attend are given the chance to learn to read and write in Nepali. The majority of the adult women within the Yangri Valley have never completed their education and are therefore illiterate. Subsequently, many of those who attend each evening are women between the ages of twenty and sixty!

The mothers, after completing the course!

This holiday season, give education to a mother in Yangri!

Participation in this program provides empowerment and independence through literacy!

For more information on our adult literacy courses, visit our Projects page!