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Looking for a present for someone you love? Make your gifting even more meaningful by purchasing a Gift of Life in the name of a loved one! These gifts will go directly to children in need in the Himalayas and you will receive a digital Christmas card(s) to pass on. This year we have a limited supply of Handmade cards so in order to opt-in, make sure to add it to your cart for no extra charge. Order before December 10th to ensure your cards make it for Christmas.

All gifts are tax-deductible and best of all, a Nepalese child in need receives the gift of your choice. 

Add the power of transformation to your Christmas giving!


This Christmas choose to give a Gift of Life that provides hope for real change in the lives of children in the Himalayas. These gifts offer a variety of ways to help protect, nurture and educate children from all of our project locations.

Donations designated to a specific project will fund that project as indicated by the donor. If funds are no longer required for that project, Himalayan Life Canada will direct the remaining designated donations to similar programs where most needed.

Please allow for 7 days for handmade card delivery. Order before December 10th to ensure your cards make it for Christmas. Charitable tax receipts are sent annually at the beginning of the new year.

Thank You for Participating in Gifts of Life!