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What do you love most about working for HL?

Our final Staff Highlight for this season has come. We focus on two of our staff from Yangri, Baisani and Sunbahadour.

Baisani is the doorkeeper for the Yangri Academic Centre (YAC). She is in charge of checking the children and guests as they come to and from school. She has an incredibly warm and welcoming smile! We are so thankful for the work that she does for the school!

Sunbahadour is YAC’s janitor. He looks after keeping the rooms, windows, corridors and grounds clean. He is diligent and committed to his role! We could not run the school as efficiently as we do without his help to keep things organized!

Himalayan Life team member Baisani's quote about working in Yangri Academic Centre Himalayan Life team member Sunbahadour's quote about working in Yangri Academic Centre

Thanks for reading our Staff Highlights!