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Transformation Through Vocational Training: Sandeep’s Story

Last night, after another full day of conversations, planning, problem-solving and what-have-you, I needed to air my brain and also buy some groceries. So I jumped on my bike and paddled to Lakeside, Pokhara. In the spur of the moment, I decided to opt for a sit-down dinner and went to my favourite restaurant, Fresh Elements. This is a really nice place, and usually they have one of their servers greet you at the door.

Can you imagine my joy, when I was not greeted with the customary ‘Good evening, Sir’, but rather ‘DAD, it so good to see you – Look where I am working now!’ Sandeep had been a street boy, went through the entire range of the HL programs, including vocational training at the Himalayan Life Plastics plant, then went on to be trained as a waiter.

He is now gainfully employed, is well-liked at his workplace, and shares a room with a couple of roommates who also work at Fresh Elements.

Oh joy, indeed.

-Daniel Burgi, Founder + CEO

Vocational Training is funded and made possible through Mountain Plastic

Vocational Training is funded and made possible through our social enterprise Himalayan Life Plastics. Purchases of Mountain Plastic facilitate former street boys like Sundeep to get vital training and mentorship through the Vocational Training program. Support this program through Going Carbon Neutral with Mountain Plastic.