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Writing Chapter Three Project Trailer

Daniel Burgi, Sonam Sherpa, and Karina Burgi


  • Daniel Burgi, Founder and CEO, has over 25 years of experience in Nepal.
  • Sonam Sherpa is the the Yangri Project Director and Construction Manager
  • 30 teachers and staff who provide love to the
    children daily.

Building Young Minds In Yangri

In 2015, an earthquake ravaged the Yangri Valley. Himalayan Life helped rebuild the community and constructed a brand new school and hostel as the Yangri Academic Centre.

  • 102 children were enrolled in 2018
  • 65 of the students were housed
  • Four new classrooms, a dormitory, dining facilities and a kitchen built in 2019
  • 48 new students as of April 2019
  • K through Grade Five

Shanti and Anita’s Bright Future

When the earthquake hit Yangri three years ago, Shanti and Anita’s school was completely destroyed. But after the Yangri Academic Centre  was built last year, their mom enrolled them in the school, where they’ve been learning ever since.

At the Year End Assembly, Shanti received the Student of the Year award. What an incredible joyful and proud moment for her family! Thanks to you, Shanti is thriving at school, living into a brighter tomorrow.

Students Are Lining Up

Now in the second year of operations, Yangri Academic Centre is maxed out with 150 students attending K through Grade Five.

Many more students from the 15 villages in the Yangri Valley are waiting to join in.

“Writing Chapter Three” will create 48 new spots for Grade Six and Seven Students.

Writing Chapter Three

Writing Chapter Three for the Yangri Academic Centre includes developing:

  • The Yangri Outdoor Centre in Ghankarka for students with learning disabilities & new outdoor programs
  • A student dorm building for Grades Six and Seven
  • A classroom building for Grades Six and Seven
  • River embankment engineering
  • Infrastructure & septic system

Yangri Outdoor Centre

Many students experience various developmental and learning disabilities. To address this need, we would like to extend the school programing by  providing an “Outdoor School” that serves a wider variety of learning styles.

The Centre will provide critical support to tactile learners, allowing participatory education for children of all abilities and will include:

  • Building an 1800 sq.ft, two story, multi-purpose building in Ghankarka (4 hour walk).
  • Developing experiential programing for over 700 student multi-day visits each year.
  • Developing an ecotourism program to provide earned revenue to help fund operations.

Chapter Three Budget

Yangri Outdoor Centre: $100,000
Student Dorm Building: $45,000
Classroom Building: $40,000
River Embankment Engineering: $40,000
Infrastructure & Septic: $25,000
Total: $250,000

2018/19 Impact

  • Served 2,085 children through all of our programs.
  • Provided 231 children with homes
  • Prepared over 300,000 meals

Thank You!

We’re grateful for your encouragement and generosity! Your big-hearted partnership brings disadvantaged children in the Himalayas from a place of not life to life.


Financial Overview

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We are a Christian charity that exists to enhance the lives of children in the Himalayas.

Through protecting, nurturing and educating children, we aim to move them from a place of not life to life.


Thank You For Your Continuing Support