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Himalayan Life, under the direction Daniel Burgi, has been rescuing, nourishing and protecting the most vulnerable children in the Himalayas for over 20 years. Throughout Nepal and India, Daniel has encountered children who have been abandoned, abused and neglected and intervened on their behalf to ensure they have access to food, education, shelter and activities such as hockey and mountain bike programs. Beyond meeting the immediate needs of the most impoverished children in the country, they have developed career apprenticeship programs to help the children they have raised up develop employee skills to help them overcome the stigma of having once been “Street Kids.” Himalayan Life has developed renowned and effective trauma and substance abuse rehabilitation programs, the results of which are world class. Teams of Nepali nationals are trained to implement the programs across the country. Teacher training programs have been designed by international teacher development teams to assist our Nepali teachers meet the unique needs of the students and children. Himalayan Life is guided by a Director Daniel Burgi, is an internationally recognized charity with offices in Switzerland, Canada, Nepal, and India. Our mission is to protect, nurture and educate the children in the Himalayas.

HIMALAYAN LIFE’s purpose, vision and values as per our constitution read as follows:

(a)  The purpose of the society is to holistically enhance the lives of the children in the Himalayas, particularly those who lack basic socio-economic structures, amenities and security;

(b)  The society shall invest in the lives of thousands of Himalayan children and their families thereby making a lasting transformative impact on their communities;

(c)   The society shall protect, nurture and educate the children by providing comprehensive care to children including hostel facilities, foster care, food, clothing, schooling, basic medical care, vocational training, and so on;

(d)  The society shall touch the lives of a wide range of children through community-based activities such as school vacation camps, sports programs, etc.;

(e)  The society shall provide adult literacy classes and other appropriate services to parents on the premises that educated parents will foster the education and holistic development of their children;

(f)    The society, in its desire to reflect what we imagine to be God’s Kingdom plan, adopts and operates according to the following core-values: (1) being an agent of change, (2) taking deliberate measures and even risks for the betterment of the children’s lives (3) empowering local staff, (4) treating people with dignity, (5) delivering genuine care, (6) exercising good stewardship.