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Himalayan Life is an internationally recognized charity with offices in Switzerland, Canada, Nepal, and India. Our mission to protect, nurture and educate the children in the Himalayas, with particular emphasis on the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children such as street children and orphans. We dream of LIFE, even abundant life, for kids whose circumstances have denied them access to resources and facilities to meet even their most basic needs.

Under the direction of Daniel Burgi, founder and CEO of Himalayan Life, we have been rescuing, nurturing and protecting marginalized children in the Himalayas for over 20 years. Having encountered children who have been abandoned, abused, and neglected in Nepal and India, we are intervening on their behalf to ensure they have access to food, education, shelter and activities such as hockey and mountain biking. Beyond meeting the children’s immediate needs, we have developed career apprenticeship programs to help the children develop vocational skills. We run homes for abandoned children, slave children and street children. Our school in the heart of the earthquake ravaged area in the North-East of Nepal provides a fresh start for families who have lost so much in the 2015 earthquakes.

We are a faith-based organization, firmly believing the transformative power of the Gospel. It is our desire to put embody to the message of of hope, peace and love as we understand it to be the very foundation of our faith as Christians.


Why we exist.

As Himalayan Life, we exist to holistically enhance the lives of children and youth in the Himalayas, with particular focus on those who lack basic socio-economic structures.

What we do.

To PROTECT, NURTURE, and EDUCATE the children in the Himalayas, by way of:

A. Providing comprehensive care to street children, abandoned children, slave children, and other socio-economically disadvantaged children.

B. Touching the lives of a wide range of regular children through meaningful school- and community-based programs.

What we want to achieve.

To invest in the lives of thousands of children and youth in the Himalayas, thereby making a lasting transformative difference in their individual lives, families and communities.


What is important to us.

… to work with vision and PASSION

… to be particularly present to the DISADVANTAGED

… to be AGENTS of CHANGE

… to live and work with INTEGRITY

… to deliver QUALITY services and programs

… to treat each other with DIGNITY and RESPECT

… to seek the WELL-BEING of our staff

… to love our country and COMPLY with the laws of the land