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In the Himalayas, many children have to walk several hours through rugged and difficult terrain to access their nearest school, which is not sustainable for them. Thankaltar Children’s Home is a place for students to reside during the week to avoid travelling great distances daily so they may attend regular formal education. On the weekends, the children return home to their families to keep in close relationships with them. Thakaltar exists to provide children who live in faraway villages the opportunity to attend school and build their future with education

Thankaltar Quick Facts:

  • A home for children to stay at while they attend school, returning home to their families on the weekends
  • Partnered with the local school district
  • Located in the Rapti District of Chitwan
  • Incorporated under the Social Welfare Act with the Government of Nepal
  • Project partner and supervision: HL Chitwan
  • Presently serving 75 children
  • Staff: 4 full-time staff and 3 interns

Daniel Burgi, Himalayan Life’s Founder & CEO, and Sonam Sherpa, Himalayan Life Foundation’s Chairperson receive a warm welcome from the Thakaltar children and staff.


The children who reside at Thankaltar are cared for by four loving and dedicated home parents. The vision of these parents is to support the children holistically by knowing each child by name and taking time to learn and address their individual needs.