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Introducing Mountain Plastic Ambassador:

Joyce Azzam, ambassador for Himalayan Life's Mountain Plastic was the first Lebanese woman to finish the Seven Summits and she submitted Everest this last year.

Joyce Azzam

Joyce Azzam is the only Lebanese woman to complete the Seven Summits Challenge by summitting Mt Everest in May 2019. She is a Conservation Architect with a Ph.D. in Landscape and the Environment. As well, she is also the leader of MounTurtle where she strives to empower the Sherpa people of Nepal.

Waste has moved into the mountains.

Each day over 900 tons of waste is produced in Kathmandu, Nepal. Unfortunately, this waste has now encroached into the Himalayas due to increasing environmental pressures from tourism. Two million visitors are expected to visit Nepal in 2020. This will produce around 80 million discarded plastic bottles.

Himalayan Life Plastics

At Himalayan Life Plastics (HLP), a social enterprise based in Pokhara, Nepal, we are committed to sustainable transformation for both people and the planet. Through recycling 1,200 tons of plastic bottles annually, HLP fights against pollution and helps protect and restore vital ecosystems all while caring for those marginalized in Nepal.

We recycle over 40 million plastic bottles annually. Producing the highest quality food-grade rPET pellets.


Mountain Plastic

Post-consumer bottles are systematically segregated by hand then processed by state-of-the-art technology.

The quality of our pellets are continuously monitored at our lab and are certified for food grade quality by an internationally recognized lab.

Our top-quality rPET granulate can be used for bottle-to-bottle recycling and activewear.

Three tons of bottles are brought to the Himalayan Life Plastics Plant each day. Due to the absence of roads in Mountain regions of Nepal, transport of the bottles is challenging.

Empty bottles have to be HAND-CARRIED to access points for trucks to be able to pick them up and bring them back to the plant.



We are dedicated to train and care for our staff with dignity and to ensure staff well-being.

We run a Vocational Training Program for former street boys in conjunction with the recycling plant.


Interested in Mountain Plastic?

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Photos courtesy of Peter Schaeublin, Christian Habermeier + Nathan Scheffler