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Saathi: Extending a Hand of Friendship

Saathi in Nepali means friend. By becoming a monthly donor, you extend a hand of friendship to children in the Himalayas. Join a group of friends from around the world who are committed to protecting, nurturing, and educating children in Nepal and India – every single month!

Why Give Monthly


Automatic monthly payments are easier to set up, which lowers administrative costs.Lower administration costs means more of your gift goes directly to helping to protect, nurture and educate children in the Himalayas.


Giving regularly allows us to focus on long-term planning. This long-term vision ensures the empowerment of local communities instead of relying on hand-out’s. 


Give in a sustainable way with recurring donations throughout the year. Even small affordable donations each month can make a real impact.

A Little Goes A Long Way

$25 a month covers enough rice and lentils to feed a family for a month.

$50 a month covers education costs for one student for a month.

$100 a month covers housing, food and care for a child in our Street-2-School homes for a month.