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  • Introduction to Himalayan Life

    This film by Inmist Media House focuses on two of the five projects at Himalayan Life: Pokhara and Yangri. See how lives are moving from not life to life!

  • TRAILER: Forgotten Ones

    Early 2017 some friends took a trip to Nepal that absolutely changed their lives.

  • Yangri Academic Centre: Year Two Begins

    As Yangri Academic Centre’s second year begins, new construction is underway and many new students join our classes!

  • Home Film

    Hear about how the Ulleri Village Home began its work of protecting and nurturing abandoned children.

  • The Dreams They Carry

    Follow the lives of Nepali migrant families in Leh, Ladakh, India.

  • Santosh

    The story of Santosh, how one kid went from survival on the streets to finding a life of meaning through mountain biking.