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  • The Everest Challenge: Virtual Climb for Himalayan Life

    Join us from your home or neighbourhood and help us reach 29,029 ft by climbing stairs, hiking, walking or running from June 1-15th.

  • Stories of Life 07 | Happy Mother’s Day!

    We are celebrating all the Moms around the world who work incredibly hard to care for, support and love their families. It is not too late to honour a Mom in your life by celebrating a Mom in Nepal!

  • Stories of Life 06 | Update from Nepal

    Hear the latest from our project leaders about how they are finding innovative ways to care for children and families in need despite the lockdown in Nepal.

  • Stories of Life 05 | Moms for Moms

    Nepali moms around the world work incredibly hard to care for, support and love their families. Rarely do they get to enjoy things for themselves. Honour the hard work and love of a Mom in your life by supporting and celebrating a Mom in Nepal.

  • Stories of Life 04 | Happy New Year

    This week marks the new year in the Nepalese calendar. Although we couldn’t celebrate with dancing and singing this year, it is an occasion for gratitude!

  • Stories of Life 03 | Shelter + S2S

    There might be a lockdown in Nepal, but that has not stopped our HL Pokhara staff from caring for street kids! Currently, there are 40 kids housed and cared for at the Street-2-School Homes and Shelter.

  • Stories of Life 02 | Construction in Yangri

    This week’s Story of Life follows the ongoing building project in the Yangri Valley. All the students have been sent home due to Nepal’s COVID-19 lockdown, but our construction crew continues to build!

  • Stories of Life 01 | Pacific Academy

    In a bid to somewhat balance all the bad news we are getting regarding COVID-19, we thought we’d share with you recent STORIES OF LIFE from our projects at Himalayan Life.

  • Update from Daniel: Himalayan Life + COVID-19

    Hear about the latest developments on how COVID-19 is affecting our Himalayan projects from CEO, Daniel Burgi.

  • Mountain Plastic Everest Basecamp Expedition

    From the streets to the peaks – follow this expedition with mountaineer Joyce Azzam with street boys from Pokhara as they embark on a life-changing adventure to help recover Mountain Plastic at Everest.

  • Mountain Plastic: Powered by Himalayan Life

    Everybody is talking about ocean plastic. What about mountain plastic? Let’s do something about it!

  • Altitude: A Ride for Himalayan Life

    A charity ride for Himalayan Life by CEO and founder Daniel Burgi and friends. Follow this epic six-day journey in Ladakh through the Himalayas over the Khardung La Pass at 18,379 feet and Chang La Pass at 17,585. Join in on the local Altitude Ride.

  • Transformation: Nepali Migrants in Ladakh

    This film by Peter and Ursula Schäublin touches on the effect that Himalayan Life has had on Nepali Migrant Worker families in Ladakh, India, including four young women’s journey from HL’s home to post-secondary education.

  • Yangri Academic Centre: Writing Chapter Three

    In 2019, YAC maxed out with 48 new students enrolled! There are still many children in the 15 surrounding villages that are wanting to join the school. This is where Writing Chapter Three comes in!

  • Kiran’s Story

    Follow Kiran’s story. From running away from police brutality, to winning 15km races in Nepal, his transformation is a clear movement from not-life to LIFE.

  • Yangri Outdoor Centre

    Our newest project is the Yangri Outdoor Centre. This Centre will serve to create opportunities for experiential learning for students along with many other opportunites!

  • Himalayan Life Plastics: The Recycling Process

    Our friend, Rick Colhoun, created this fun video when he visited the Himalayan Life Plastics Plant a couple years ago. It is a great eye into how HLP runs and delivers its beautiful processed chips.

  • Introduction to Himalayan Life

    This film by Inmist Media House focuses on two of the five projects at Himalayan Life: Pokhara and Yangri. See how lives are moving from not life to life!

  • TRAILER: Forgotten Ones

    Early 2017 some friends took a trip to Nepal that absolutely changed their lives.

  • Yangri Academic Centre: Year Two Begins

    As Yangri Academic Centre’s second year begins, new construction is underway and many new students join our classes!