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In some ethnic groups in Nepal, couples drift together and apart with seeming ease. However, when parents enter into a new relationship, children from previous marriages are often left behind to fend for themselves. The Ulleri Children’s Home aims to be a safe and caring place for these abandoned children.

Ulleri Children’s Home Quick Facts:

  • A home and schooling for Abandoned Children and/or Children at Risk.
  • Located in Ulleri, a village in the mountains north of Pokhara, Nepal.
  • Presently 20 children enrolled.
  • 4 loving, competent caregivers.
  • Incorporated under the Social Welfare Act with the Government of Nepal.
  • Project partner and supervision: HL-Switzerland.


Watch our film, Home.


Ulleri Children’s Home:

Abandoned children in Nepal form the backbone of the domestic labour force at the village-level. For sheer survival, these kids work unbelievable hours in the fields and in houses of wealthier village and town folks. This work does not give them pay, but simply a place to sleep and food to eat. In this situation, there is no hope of schooling, sufficient protection or nurture.

Himalayan Life is standing in the gap for the abandoned children. Presently 25 children have found a new home and family at the Ulleri Children’s Home.  They are cared for and loved by our dedicated staff of four, supported further by a local supervising committee.

This past year we had many children who graduated from school and transitioned to our Vocational Training Program in Pokhara.