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  • Daniel Burgi

    Founder + Director

    Daniel first visited Nepal during his time as a Hydro Electric Engineer on a short-term assignment from Switzerland. It was during this time in Nepal where he and his wife Karina developed an incredible connection and heart for this country. Read about (one) of his life changing encounters here.
    While experiencing the immense beauty of Nepal, they also encountered deep hardship and need of the people around them. Instead of returning to Swizterland 3 months later, Daniel and his family launched Himalayan Life and have remained committed for the past 20+ years. Along with their fellow Nepalese staff and friends, Daniel and Karina have developed the heartbeat of Himalayan Life: seeking to bring children from places of not life, to LIFE.

  • Chanman - Pohkara Street Kids Team


    20 years ago, Daniel and Chanman took to the streets. They sat on the sidewalks and in the nooks and cranny’s of Pokhara’s corners as they immersed themselves in the lives of street children. They absorbed the why and the how this had happened so they could create plans that assessed what would really make a difference. Chanman has been part of loving children to life since the outset of Himalayan Life. He oversees the programs, education, teams, grounds and homes in Pokhara and Ulerri. His heart has both broken and soared by the relapse and success of his youth. Because they are, his – and they are, ours.


  • Aksha

    Street to Shelter Director

    Aksha oversees the team that prepare the of meals and runs the programsat the street kitchen in Pokhara every day. Her and her husband, Chanman, live with their children on the grounds of the Pokhara shelter. She makes sure the kids are fed and taken care of, overseeing the staff at the Shelter, Kitchen and permanent home in Pokhara. The children in the care of Himalayan Life Pokhara, call Chanman and Aksha, “mom and dad,” fitting for these parentless children, as truly – they have embraced this challenge to love the children others consider unlovable and become parents to many.

  • Loveson

    Chitwan Director

    In a region 5-7hrs outside of Pokhara, Loveson found groups of  impoverished and unattended children and endeavored to provide them with regular life-giving activities and programs. He now oversees teams that facilitate daily hockey camps across the region. 1000’s of children gather each week to learn team sports, sing songs and receive encouragement. They encourage the youth to join their art and homework assistance programs.

  • Sonam

    Yangri Director

    A skilled craftsman, builder and leader – Sonam directs the Yangri project. When the earthquake of 2015 struck, Daniel and Sonam threw on backpacks and trekked to the epicentre of the quake. The village was destroyed. The people were starving. Their water systems had crashed in on themselves, their hydro power plant had been destroyed. The children in the valley, many now parentless, had no hope of an education. It was truly, a valley in ruin. Sonam was a key figure in teaching the locals the construction skills needed to rebuild both their own homes and the community structures. He now oversees the development of the Yangri Academic Center, which continues to develop and grow as more kids join the school!