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Altitude: The Ride for Himalayan Life

Join us on September 26th + 27th for Altitude: The Ride for Himalayan Life. This marks our first annual ride for Himalayan Life. Altitude will support and raise funds for Himalayan Life’s Education programs. Protect. Nurture. Educate!

Thank you to the 63 bikers, runners and walkers, to the 145 donors and the countless supporters who cheered us along during the ride! We raised enough to help send 34 children to the Yangri Academic Centre this year!

Four hours from Yangri, up a treacherous footpath that leads through many river crossings and steep Himalayan slopes, you will find the village of Larke. 45 students from this village are enrolled at the Yangri Academic Centre and normally live in the school hostel during the year. Due to COVID-19, not even our Distributed Teaching efforts have made it to Larke due to its remoteness. We are bringing the children down to stay at the hostel in an isolated bubble, so they can continue their education. 

Education, including full-time care, housing and food, costs roughly $1,000 per child for a year. That’s $3 per day for making all the difference in the world to a child in the Himalayas! 

Whether you cycle, run or walk 5k, 10k, 50k or even more: join us in raising $45,000, which will allow the Larke kids to pursue their education, regardless of the pandemic. 

When your campaign is ready to go, share it with everyone you know. Ask your friends and family to join your team or make a donation. Download the Resource Kit above for content to share over email and on social media platforms and follow and tag @himalayanlifeinternational.

This is also an opportunity to raise funds to help more kids get a good education so that their lives can be turned around and changed for the better. The key to transformation in the Himalayas is education. 

Order an Altitude T-shirt to wear while you complete the ride for just $20!

Altitude T-Shirt (shipping incl.)



Altitude T-Shirt (pick-up)



Record your distance cycled! The easiest way is to track your cycling is to download the app Strava or you can keep track of it in any way that works for you! Each Team Member will submit their distance cycled to their Team Leader for both days. The Team Leader will need to add up the total distance cycled (in kilometres) by the team and post that number on your Teams Update page!

You can ride individually or you can organize to ride with your team or a few team members.