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COVID-19 Protocol

As outlined by the Government of BC in their PHO order here.

i. Walk-ins or motorcycles are not permitted at this time. Everyone needs to be in a vehicle.

ii. If you feel ill, were outside of Canada 14 days ago or less, have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or are under Provincial Order to self-isolate, please stay home!

iii. Our showings are limited to 50 vehicles according to Provincial Health Orders.

iv. Vehicles are to contain only people from your immediate household or core bubble. 

v. Everyone is to stay in their vehicle (except to use the washroom), and not to congregate together.

vi. The washrooms have capacity signs posted. Please wait outside at least 2m apart. Masks are required in the washrooms.

vii. Himalayan Life Canada and Fresh Air Cinemas assume no responsibility for injury, property loss, or damage of any kind. 

viii. COVID-19 Protocol is subject to change based on Public Health Orders and Provincial recommendations.

Drive-in Tips

i. Make sure to register each attendee in your car for the Grand Prize Draw through emailing [email protected]  (sign-up sheets will also be handed out at the venue). 

ii. Parking will open 30 minutes prior to the film festival, the show will start at 8:15pm.

iii. Bring blankets and cozy pillows to keep warm.

iv. Parking Your Car:

You may park facing forward or backwards. If you decide to back-in and have your trunk popped, it must be tied down so it is in-line with the roof.

You may sit with lawn chairs directly in front of your car, but not beside.

You may not sit on top of your vehicle.

v. Tuning In:

The films will be broadcasted through FM radio, the station will be posted when you arrive. You can either listen through your car radio or bring a portable radio.

Turn your key to the ‘accessory’ position to consume the least amount of power as possible.

In case your car needs a jump, we will have a booster.


Email us at [email protected]