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Focus on Transformation

A Key Focus for our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

At Himalayan Life, transformation occurs when cycles of poverty, addictions and trauma are broken and children can live with healing, hope, joy, peace, forgiveness and purpose.⁠

Key Goals:

Continue to rescue and protect street children and abandoned children (50+ kids).
Nurture street children and abandoned children through providing safe homes and holistic rehabilitation programs (200+ kids).
Enhance our holistic sport and day camp programs particularly by growing the Chitwan location (from currently 250 to 500+ kids).
Continue to create vocational training and job opportunities for socio-economically marginalized individuals through our plastic recycling social enterprise (50+ trainees/employees).

Rescuing and Protecting Children

The word in the Nepalese language for street-children is ‘kaaThe’. This word expresses disgust and even hatred. Over the past 15 years, Himalayan Life’s programs have been meeting kids on the street with dignity through warm food and safe shelter. Hundreds of children have walked through Himalayan Life’s doors to receive care, nourishment and non-formal education. Many of whom have found a safe place to rest their heads at the Shelter. These programs have been the frontlines of our work in Pokhara, the birthplace of transformation for children living on the street.


Over the next three years, we aim to serve 50+ new street children through our frontline programs. By providing safe places and warm food, we will be able to protect them from the risk of human trafficking, bonded labour, and a life of addiction and violence on the street. 

Nurturing Children Through Homes and Rehabilitation Programs

Once the kids have settled at the Shelter and have decided to not return to life on the street, the younger kids (up to 10 years) are encouraged to transition to one of the Himalayan Life Street-2-School Homes (S2S). Through living in the homes, kids receive consistent and nurturing care through the wonderful house-parents as well as holistic rehabilitation, as many children have struggled with substance abuse. Living at the home also provides the children with the opportunity to go back into formal education, some for the very first time. At the S2S Homes, children are protected, nurtured and educated. To date, we have two homes run by committed staff dedicated to providing hope to the 70 children in their care.


By 2024, we aim to be serving 200+ children through our Street-2-School Homes. The tidal wave of poverty that has been following in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased need for children and families across the Himalayas. We are seeking to meet this need by opening a larger S2S Home for the boys (opened December 2021!) and increasing capacity for our S2S Home for girls.

Enhance Holistic Sport and Day Camp Program in Chitwan

Sports and extra-curricular activities have been shown to be essential in the healthy development of children. Due to a lack of basic infrastructure, children in Nepal do not have regular access to leisure activities. Himalayan Life Chitwan provides day camps and sports activities for children to develop social, creative and emotional capabilities of kids.


Over the next three years, we aim to invest in the Chitwan Day Camp and Sports program to enable more than 500 children to participate. To reach this capacity we will be investing in an area of land to consistently house our programs as well as investing in new staff members and volunteers who make the programs possible.

Plan Vocational Training and Job Opportunities for Marginalized Individuals

Vocational Training provides former street kids with the opportunity to learn the basics of various trades. Not only do they acquire trade skills, but they learn to integrate into an existing social unit. They learn to get along with fellow co-workers and to live with a daily structure. These two things are enormously important in the process of overcoming patterns of addiction. Throughout their training, they also work at the Himalayan Life Plastic Recycling Plant. After trainees complete the program in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding and metalwork, staff assist them to find job opportunities in their field of choice.


By 2024, we aim to have 50+ graduates of the Vocational Training program who have  a secure job and are able to live on their own.