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The Everest Challenge went over a span of 14 days with 226 participants and raise over 46,000 dollars. We had 106 summits of everest

Your hard work and encouragement have led to the success of our first-ever Everest Challenge! As a community of 226 climbers (over 100 in Nepal!), we gained a total of 3,098,494 feet over the past two weeks. That is the equivalent of summiting Everest 106 TIMES!

Give today to the Everest Challenge by clicking the button below. Every dollar will be matched by a generous donor so that each dollar is doubled up to the height of Everest – $29,029!


Join us from your home or neighbourhood and help us reach 29,029 ft by climbing stairs, hiking, walking or running from June 1-15th.

Our goal is to summit Mount Everest (29,029 ft) as many times as possible as a team and raise $29,029 while we do it.

This year, there are no Everest Expeditions happening in Nepal, but there are many “Everests” that need to be summited. Each street kid in Nepal faces their own mountain of challenges including addiction, trauma and hunger that make it difficult for them to move from not-life to life. 

Through the Everest Challenge, we aim to acknowledge how difficult transformation is for street kids but how hopeful it can be when you do it with a supportive community! From Nepal to Lebanon to Canada, join the Himalayan Life community as we summit Everest as many times as possible together, one step at a time.