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The Extra Mile

Each day in the Himalayas, families go the extra mile to receive an education. Children walk hours to the closest school and parents sacrifice income and sometimes risk everything to ensure that their children can be educated.

Join us on June 4th and 5th for The Extra Mile, a fundraising event for education in Nepal.

A Cataclysmic Flood Destroyed Himalayan Life’s Beloved School

In June 2021, a catastrophic flood occurred in the Yangri Valley, destroying several buildings of our beloved school, the Yangri Academic Centre (YAC). Many villages and towns in the valley were severely damaged.  

With all bridges swept away, some parents of YAC students risked their lives by crossing the raging river with the help of a rope tied around their waist, just to tell the teachers and the team to not give up on their kids.  

We won’t give up!

Together We Can Help Rebuild the Yangri Academic Centre – Join In Today!

Whether you walk, climb, hike, paddleboard, bike or even swim, go The Extra Mile with us on June 4th and 5th! Create or join an existing team. Invite your family and friends to join your team or support you by donating to help you reach your fundraising goal!

Can’t go The Extra Mile this year? Make a donation by clicking the ‘Give’ button above and help us raise our goal of $75,000 to rebuild the Yangri Academic Centre.

Still have questions? Reach out to us here.