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The Next Step: Yangri Academic Centre 2.0

We are a Christian charity that exists to enhance the lives of children in the Himalayas.

Through protecting, nurturing and educating children, we aim to move them from a place of not-life to life.

The Next Step: Yangri 2.0

Through the fourth year of operations in 2021, Yangri Academic Centre was maxed out with 200 students attending Kindergarten through Grade Seven. Many more students from the 15 villages in the Yangri Valley are waiting to join in.

“The Next Step” is to rebuild the Elementary School that was recently wiped out in a cataclysmic flood and build a Secondary School for the Yangri Academic Centre.

“The Next Step Campaign” will purchase land and create facilities over three years for the Yangri Academic Centre for 500  K to Grade Twelve students.


Building Young Minds In Yangri

In 2015, an earthquake ravaged the Yangri Valley. Himalayan Life helped rebuild the community and constructed a brand new school and hostel as the Yangri Academic Centre.

  • 280 children were enrolled in 2023
  • 222 of the students were housed
  • Four new classrooms, a dormitory, dining facilities and a kitchen built in 2019
  • Kindergarten through Grade Nine

Cataclysmic Flood Destroys Yangri Academic Centre – June 2021

Building Design

The new buildings, designed by B.C. architect and designer, Florian Maurer of F2A Architecture ltd., will be seismically engineered to Canadian standards to prevent/withstand earthquake damage by the Vancouver-based structural engineering firm, Fast + Epp.

These timber frame buildings, with engineered laminate beams, are aesthetically beautiful and very functional, including the south-facing solar gain capacity for the cold winter months. Our school is the only place in Nepal using this kind of building technology.

The Next Step Components

The Next Step for the Yangri Academic Centre includes:

  • Land Purchase
  • Student dorm buildings for Kindergarten to Twelve (500 students)
  • Classroom buildings for Kindergarten to Twelve (500 students)
  • Dining Hall, Kitchen, & Gym
  • Infrastructure & Septic System

The Next Step Budget

Relief Efforts*                           $150,000

Land Purchase                          $200,000

Student Dorm Buildings          $420,000

Classroom Buildings                $500,000

Dining Hall, Kitchen + Gym      $360,000

Infrastructure + Septic              $180,000

Equipment + Furniture              $200,000

Total                                     $2,100,000


*Relief includes the distribution of relief materials as well as repairs to the present campus for temporary use while construction is ongoing


  • Daniel Burgi, Founder and CEO, has over 25 years of experience in Nepal.
  • Sonam Sherpa is the the Yangri Project Director and Construction Manager
  • 30 teachers and staff who provide love to the children daily.


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  • $1000/mo = $36,000
  • $500/mo = $18,000
  • $250/mo = $9,000

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