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A Story of Transformation

When Thankaltar Children’s Home first opened, Daniel, Sonam and Roshni (Sonam’s daughter) drove up to meet the children and staff of the home. Their welcome was warm, filled with smiles and stories of life. After the visit, Daniel, Sonam and Roshni made their way out of the village and came across a mother with 3 children, one of whom resides at the Thankaltar home. This family’s living situation was destitute as their home was an open shelter, one with no walls to protect them from the elements. Daniel, Sonam and Roshni spent some time getting to know the family; however, Roshni was quiet and solemn, heartbroken for this mother and her children.

Immediately after their departure, Roshni inquired about how she could assist the struggling mother. As a graduate of one of the Himalayan Life projects, Roshni understands firsthand the challenges of having very little. And yet, she also wholeheartedly knows the transformative power of support and that change is possible. Roshni then emptied out her wallet, picked up the cash and handed it to Daniel, committing to helping this mother move from a place of not life to life.

Individuals like Roshni exemplify the work that is being done in the Himalayas and is a testament that change truly is possible.