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Tour De Himalayan Life Recap: Stage 1 – 5

After 14 days and 1,000km of cycling, Himalayan Life’s Founder & CEO Daniel Burgi, along with P.L. & Kristen from Cycle5ToSurvive and Sonam, Yangri’s Project Director, completed Tour De Himalayan Life! You can still check out our Instagram or Facebook to see day-to-day recaps with some awesome pictures and videos! We would also like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Daniel Rimann for capturing all the epic footage for the Tour De Himalayan Life film!

Stage One

The first stage of Tour De Himalayan Life kicked off in Kathmandu. The cyclists crossed over Nepal’s southern mountain range and rode through the Gangetic plane which is known for its sweltering heat and jungles teeming with wildlife. They arrived in Chitwan and visited the Himalayan Life project sites as well as the Thankaltar Children’s Home.

Stage Two

The cyclists made their way out of the sweltering plains of Chitwan and rode up to the Western foothills of the Himalayas. They arrived in Pokhara, home to Himalayan Life Plastics Social Enterprise and our street children programs, visiting the street-to-school homes for boys (S2SB) and girls (S2SG).

Stage Three

In the shadow of the Annapurna mountain, one of the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world, the cyclists climbed the steep hills and rough roads of this mighty mountainous region. Nestled high up on these slopes lies the picturesque village of Ulleri, the location of Himalayan Life’s home for abandoned and orphaned children.

Stage Four

The cyclists descended into the central hills of Nepal, crossing hill range after hill range through dozens of deep river valleys on their way to the Yangri Valley. They crossed the Mardi River, Chepe River, Daraudi River and the mighty Marsyangdi River with substantial ridges in between. The landscape is magnificent, but the riders climbed more than 8,000 feet so as to enter the Yangri Valley.

Stage Five

The cyclist descended over 1,000m into the rugged Yangri Valley, passing many small villages where parents of the Yangri Academic Center students are hard at work tending to their fields. After their visit to the Yangri Academic Center, the cyclists rode another 100km back to Kathmandu to complete the tour.