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Story of Life in Thankaltar

In the Southern foothills of Nepal is the district of Thankaltar, where a Himalayan Life Children’s Home is located. This home is a place for students to reside during the week to avoid travelling great distances daily so they may attend regular formal education.

One student in particular has been impacted greatly by her time at Thankaltar Children’s Home and her name is Alisha*. She is 20 years old and has 5 siblings. When Alisha was younger, her father passed away and her family began experiencing financial hardship. Her mother worked and was receiving an income, but it was not enough to support all her children and eventually, Alisha dropped out of school. It was a challenging time for Alisha’s family. But when Thankaltar Children’s Home opened, Alisha was provided with the opportunity to stay at the Children’s Home during the week so she could begin attending school again. She is now receiving her Grade 12 education and is also working as an intern at Thankaltar Children’s Home, helping the other children in their studies.

* Name changed for privacy.

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