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Altitude: The Ride for Himalayan Life

High Altitude, Thin Air, Uncertainty and Challenge

Himalayan Life CEO and founder, Daniel Burgi, and a few friends embarked on an epic six-day journey biking through the Himalayas. They cycled over two of the highest passes in the world: Khardung La Pass at 18,380 ft and Chan La at 17,586 ft located in Ladakh, North India.

The purpose of this ride is not to check off a bucket list item, but an opportunity to experience the reality of the lives of many families and children we serve: high altitude, thin air, uncertainty, and challenge. It is also an opportunity to raise funds.

As Himalayan Life, we believe that the key to transformation in the Himalayas is education. We want to raise funds to help more children access education so they can experience the transformation it offers.

Altitude Recaps!

They did it! The team completed their ride on September 10-15th, 2022! You can check out what happened through our Instagram or Facebook channels or by checking out our daily updates below.

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Did you see Daniel’s Interview on Altitude with Global News?

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Why Bike for Altitude?
Daniel Burgi

“When travelling to Ladakh in the Himalayas of North India for the first time some 15 years ago, I was astounded to find a workforce of thousands of Nepalese labourers there. It turned out that they had migrated from Nepal to India for reasons of massive economic hardship, and that many of them had in fact been sold into a situation of bonded labour…”

Read more about why Daniel Burgi is biking for Altitude here!

Cam Ross

“Over the past 6 years, I have seen firsthand the difference Himalayan Life makes in the lives of some of the poorest and least considered people in the world, street children and other marginalized children in Nepal. HL’s desire is to move them from “not life to life” by protecting, nurturing, educating and loving these children. This offer of hope and a future is an ongoing story of redemption and transformation…..”

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Tim Epp

“Daniel shared stories and showed us countless images of small children that had been abandoned, left to fend for themselves in the streets.  These children had nothing;  no food, no clothes, no love, no future.  Seeing children no older than my youngest daughter Lucy (who was only 3 years old at the time) in this situation broke my heart.  Daniel talked about how it was their mission to help these children, to protect, nurture, and educate them……”

Read more of Tim’s story here!

Denise Wiltse

“I truly didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Ladakh with Daniel and the film team for the first time in March 2019. But I witnessed what it is like to be forced into bonded labour in the 21st Century. It is extreme poverty compiled on a caste hierarchy with very prevalent discrimination. And as long as this continues, along with mass illiteracy and lack of skills and training, bonded labour will also continue…”

Read more of Denise’s story here!

Sonam Sherpa

Sonam has been in leadership with Himalayan Life both in India and Nepal since 2008. Presently he is the Project Director of our Yangri school project and serves as chair of the Himalayan Life Foundation.

Mike Gradwell

Making the team even more international, Mike has joined from Switzerland. Mike’s family have been long-term supporters of HL with a strong commitment to the work of rescuing and educating children in the Himalayas.

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