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Altitude Recap: Day Four to Six

They did it! The team completed their ride from September 10-15th, 2022! You can check out what happened through our Instagram or Facebook channels or by checking out the fundraising page here.

We also want to shout out and send a huge thank you to Peter Schaeublin and Daniel Rimann for capturing all the epic Altitude footage!

Day Four:

From Shyok to Hundar via Khalsar, this day’s ride was a total of 105km travelled with an elevation gain of 760m. At this point in the ride, the cyclists completed four difficult days and were reaching their limits. The thin air, intense elevation, and rough kilometres were a constant reminder of the daily realities that Nepalese migrant workers experience.⁠ Wherever possible, the team made time to connect with Nepalese roadside workers, a community of people who build and maintain mountain roads under incredibly difficult conditions. Although the circumstances are extremely precarious, this is how Nepalese workers provide for their families. It was in these moments of connection that the team was reminded that they are riding to provide an opportunity for education which is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.⁠

Day Five:

The cyclists were feeling the effects of the elements on their ride from Hunder via Diskit and Khalsar to Kardung Village, a 60km ride with an elevation gain of 1,175m. And yet, despite Daniel and the team’s challenges, each rider was so determined to finish strong. Even at the point of absolute exhaustion, the cyclists were reminded of why they are riding: to provide opportunities for education to Nepalese children and break the cycle of poverty.⁠

Day Six:

Travelling 78km from Kardung Village to Kardung-La Pass to Leh at an elevation gain of 1,616m, Daniel, Cam, Denise, Tim, Sonam and Mike completed Altitude: The Ride for Himalayan Life. Although the cyclists encountered difficult terrain, challenging altitudes and extreme exhaustion, they pushed through and were greeted with cheers from the Nepalese community.⁠ ⁠This ride was not just about raising awareness but about fundraising to provide education to the children in the Himalayas.