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The HimalayanLife Plastics plant is also home to the HimalayanLife VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM. Former street kids have the opportunity to learn the basics of various trades. During a one-year program, up to 12 trainees typically spend a day per week in the classroom, where they continue to catch up on their schooling. They also spend a day at the training workshop, learning practical skills. The rest of the week, they work in the various departments of the plant.

Not only do they acquire trade skills, but they learn to integrate in an existing social unit. They need to get along with co-workers, and moreover, they learn to live with a daily structure, which is enormously important in the process of overcoming patterns of addiction.

HimalayanLife Plastics is the only recycling facility in Nepal, and we are well respected for our contribution to the environment. We do everything we can to uphold Himalayan Life’s values also in the context of the plant, values such as integrity, dependability, treating people with dignity and respect, etc. The plant is generating a modest profit, which is being fully re-invested for the benefit of the street children.

Vocational Training Program – The Short:

  • Vocational Training Program for up to 12 former street kids.
  • Located in Pokhara, Nepal.
  • Imparting basic skills in welding, plumbing, metalworking, house wiring, carpentry.
  • Trainees learn in the classroom, through training workshops, and by practical application.
  • Incorporated under the Social Welfare Act with the Government of Nepal.
  • Annual budget (2018):  CAD 40,000 (including CAD 18,000 for constructing a new workshop building).
  • Project partner and supervision: HL-Switzerland and HL-Canada.

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