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YANGRI HOPE PROJECT October 1st 2015

Sazita – the new HL teacher welcoming her students.

school in Reepar #10

school in Reepar #11


YANGRI HOPE PROJECT October 1st 2015

Everybody was there for the opening ceremony of the Mini-School.

school in Reepar #3

school in Reepar #6


YANGRI HOPE PROJECT October 1st 2015

Challenging transport of material to the new school in Reepar, Yangri.
Photos by Sonam

delivery of schoolmaterial #1


landslide #1



Here a quick heads-up regarding the situation in Nepal. Good news: The drinking water supply in Yangri has been restored! Just in time for the onset of Monsoon – when the rivers and creeks are becoming murky and really unusable as supply for domestic uses – clear spring water is once again piped to the public fountains in Yangri.
Truth be told, restoring the water supply has been the smallest and most manageable portion of the rebuilding efforts in Yangri. However, as a ‘first-fruit’ of the YangriHopeProject it constitutes an important milestone, giving hope and confidence to the locals.
Weather permitting, we are now concentrating our effort on rebuilding the school.
On the more sobering side of things, we have increasing health issues to deal with, not only in Yangri but in all of the earthquake-affected areas. Lack of hygiene, washrooms, and the temporary housing situation where people and animals are crammed together in small makeshift shelters are beginning to take their toll on people’s health. I am ver y thankful, therefore, that an Australian doctor and long-term friend has agreed to come out to Yangri in the second week of July for something like a mini-health-camp and treat people.



After 6 weeks in the Himalayas (which have felt more like 6 months!) I’m back home in Vancouver. Sure, it has been intense, but I am extremely thankful that we are able and in a position to respond to the devastating earthquake in a meaningful way.
I’m glad to report that the YANGRI HOPE PROJECT is proceeding well. Presently, the priority is on rebuilding the DRINKING WATER SUPPLY for the village, which includes repairs to the intake (destroyed by the earthquake), laying several hundred feet of main line and culvert (destroyed by rock falls caused by the quake), as well as rebuilding the public fountains.
Our vehicle has been plying the precarious road from Kathmandu to Botang numerous times with loads of supplies – from Botang everything needs to be hand-carried for a couple of hours to Yangri.
Until I return to Nepal in the last week of June, the project is under the leadership of Sonam (see last picture), and I am sure glad to have a local leader as competent as him for the task.
Thank you all for supporting this project with finances and prayers – both are needed.
CEO HimalayanLife



YANGRI HOPE PROJECT up-date May 25th 2015


I’m just back from another three days in Yangri.

I’m very happy to report that phase II of theYANGRI HOPE PROJECT has commenced (rebuilding infrastructure).

Several local work crews are busy as of today making repairs to the drinking water system, felling trees for lumber, and clearing the rubble from the collapsed school building in order to lay the foundation for the new school.

To be sure, it’s going to be a steep task, but I am really encouraged to see how the project is “doing its magic”: providing new hope and future to the people of Yangri.
As one man in the village commented yesterday: so, I can get work in my own village and do not have to sell myself into bonded labour in India…


Daniel Burgi
CEO HimalayanLife



from street-boys to school-boys May 21st 2015

streetboys become schoolboys

from street-boys to school-boys

In the midst of chaos miracles do happen…

In Pokhara the schools re-opened after the April 25th devastating earthquake.
We are so happy and excited that some of our younger street boys are now going to school!!
Instead of hunger, police brutality, gang fights, glue sniffing, loneliness, sickness… they have now a chance to study and learn!!!
What a change!! Please pray for this boys in their transition – it is such a challenge!

Thank you for all your support,


up-date May 14th 2015

Daniels up-date from Nepal, May 14th 2015:

YANGRI HOPE PROJECT Phase 1 started!

On Thursday Sonam and I were able to charter a helicopter (Fishtail-Air through MAF/Helimission) to bring the so desperately needed essentials (rice, lentils, oil, water, blankets, tarps…) to Yangri.
The village chief could hardly believe it and with tears in his eyes he said over and over: “you are back, you really did come back!“
On the way back to Kathmandu we were able to take his wife with us and bring her to a hospital, she is very ill.
Thank you so much for all your prayers and donations which made this possible!
Daniel Burgi
CEO HimalayanLife
Relief Flight w. Fishtail Air #1.jpegRelief Flight w. Fishtail Air #2.jpgRelief Flight w. Fishtail Air #3.jpegRelief Flight w. Fishtail Air #4.jpeg



With both heart-ache and joyful anticipation I’d like to bring to your attention the YANGRI HOPE PROJECT:

We are ‘adopting’ the village Yangri in Nepal for immediate relief work, for reconstruction, and for long-term partnership. This is how HimalayanLife is responding to the double whammy of the two powerful earthquakes in Nepal.

Yangri (N27° 58’ 32” E85° 38’ 04”) is situated centrally in the district of Sindhupalchowk, which has been so terribly devastated by both earthquakes. The village has 80 houses (all of which have been destroyed by the earthquake) and a population of about 500. 17 villagers lost their lives in the ruins of their houses during the quake.



Will you please consider helping out with rebuilding the future of Yangri? 


Here is the plan:

Phase 1: RELIEF (has commenced yesterday)

  • Food and Shelter: assuring availability of sufficient supply of basic staple foods and tarps for temporary housing. Delivery by Helicopter. Total cost  $ 5,000.00 (subsidized flights with Helimission/MAF)


Phase 2: REBUILDING THE INFRASTRUCTURE (commencing  May 17th)

  • repair drinking water supply system. Cost $ 9,000.00
  • clear away the rubble of the school (potentially with a church-team coming in from Switzerland), commencing May 21st.
  • rebuilding the school, thereby applying earthquake-resistant construction methods – $15’000.00
  • repair or replace the heavily damaged suspension bridge, leading to the village (I hope to get this done by Helvetas, the Swiss Aid program which has a special focus on Nepal)
  • repair and re-commission the Micro-Hydro-Power-plant (28kW)- $ 26,000.00


Yangri Hope Project


Phase 3: HOME RE-CONSTRUCTION ASSISTANCE (parallel to Phase II, commencing May 25th, 2015)

  • Earthquake Resistant Structures: providing every home free-of-cost with the necessary materials/brackets to make the village-house-design significantly more earthquake resistant. We are working on a design currently. Our cost is approximately $ 250.00 per house, total $ 20,000.00
  • Home Loan: every family to receive a loan of $ 1,000.00 for rebuilding their home. The loan will be interest-free in the first year, with gradually increasing interest thereafter. Our cost will be $ 80,000.00, the bulk of which will flow back over the next three years and will be re-invested in the village.

Phase 4: NEW INFRASTRUCTURE (commencing June 2015)

  • Health Post: building a ‘mini-clinic’ staffed with a trained nurse and stocked with basic medications. The health post is to serve not just the village, but the entire region, comprising of some 30 villages – $ 7,500.00
  • Carpentry/Lumber Workshop: social enterprise specializing in earthquake resistant framing. No lack of business there… Also offering vocational training opportunitiues for youths in the region. Investment: $ 25,000.00 I expect the enterprise to make a profit right from the start, to be re-invested into the education for socio-economically marginalized youths in the region.

Phase 5: EDUCATION (commencing September, 2015)

  • Government School Assistance: providing 3 teachers to the Yangri Government School, in a bid to significantly improve the level of basic education in grades 1-4.
  • Yangri Academic Center (YAC): non-government boarding school providing quality education, all the way from kindergarten to grade 12. The school is to serve the entire region. Initial investment will be $ 135,000.00, including land purchase, construction of school building and boarding facilities. I expect the school to be profitable as of its third year of operation. Profits will be re-invested and also used for bursaries for children of poor socio-economic background.


Yangri Hope Projekt #2



Thank you for all your help.

Daniel Burgi

CEO HimalayanLife


up-date May 5th 2015


So far our efforts have been to address the immediate needs of those most affected by the earthquake: we have been shipping food, blankets, tents, medicine etc by helicopter to the towns and villages in the mountains. These efforts notwithstanding, Sonam and I will be travelling tomorrow to the District of SINDUPALCHOWK where destruction and death toll have been the worst. We intend to identify one of the towns where we have pre-existing connections and relationships and “adopt” it with the purpose of rebuilding. It will be important to us to work in cooperation with the locals, and focus on rebuilding infrastructure – drinking water supply, school, trails, toilets, etc.

A Nehemiah-task, so to speak… Thank you for all your prayers and your generous giving – we continue to need both!


Daniel Burgi

CEO, HimalayanLife






up-date May 3rd 2015

 Earthquake April 25th 2015 1
Devastation in Kathmandu


I’ve been on the ground in Nepal for the past two days. Some areas of the capitol, Kathmandu, are in very bad shape. It’s quite eerie – the city is strangely quiet with half its population having left, in search of relatives in the rural areas of Nepal, or out of fear of more tremors. And I must admit, it is definitely a very strange feeling being woken up at 4 am this morning by a further aftershock…

On my way to our bottle-processing-plant, just when I walked past a partially collapsed, fairly large building, a rescue team brought out the lifeless body of a child. From the midst of the few onlookers, a moaning sound emerged, swelling to the most painful wail imaginable before ebbing to a sob when the mother (presumably) collapsed on the dusty ground.

Thankfully not all of the city is in such rough shape – the quake seemingly has been more intense in some pockets than elsewhere.

Our Kathmandu-Collection-and-Pre-Processing-Plant for plastic recycling happens to be located in a badly damaged pocket of town. However, we thankfully have only fairly minor damage to deal with. My presence appears to make a huge difference to our staff – together we are shaking off the post-quake-paralysis.

Miraculously, I have been able to catch a flight late this afternoon to Pokhara. While all our children, staff and facilities have escaped unscathed here, there is also sad news: 7 street children who used to come to our shelter in the past, have been killed by the earthquake in Kathmandu.

We have been able to send relief material (food, tents) with the Indian rescue helicopter to a destroyed town near the epicenter of the quake. I will try to establish a link for more such shipments – I think it is a very efficient way of getting help to where it is most needed. In a later phase, I hope to ‘adopt’ one of the badly-hit villages and help with rebuilding.

I appreciate your continued prayer and support. This is a desperate hour of need here in the Himalayas. Thank you all for your generosity – it makes a difference.



HimalayanLife Collection-and-Pre-Processing-Plant in Kathmandu
with Benjamin (operator of HLP Kathmandu)

Devastating Earthquake April 25th 2015


Dear Friends of Himalayan Life Canada, April 28, 2015

Many of you have heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday.

The destruction and loss of life is immense. Particularly Kathmandu has been hit very hard.

Amazingly, I have been able to get through over the phone to some of our staff and workers – everyone in Pokhara, Ulleri and Kathmandu. As I write this letter I am enroute to Nepal.

Thankfully Himalayan Life escaped the earthquake largely unscathed:

  • All the Children and Staff in our homes and the Workers are accounted for and well.
  • The home in Ulleri is largely undamaged.
  • The Streetkitchen and shelter for the street kids are undamaged and continue to operate.
  • The recycling plant in Pokhara is undamaged and can resume operations as soon as utilities are restored.
  • The bottle depot and processing unit in Kathmandu has been partially destroyed.

While caring for the children entrusted to us will obviously continue to be a priority, there will be ample opportunities and need for us (Himalayan Life) to join the relief efforts. In fact, I believe we are extremely well positioned to make a real difference with our pre-existing shelter and street kitchen facilities. With the incredible devastation of towns and villages in the hills and mountains northeast of Pokhara, I expect masses of displaced people to flood into Pokhara. They will need food and shelter, and they will be in need of trauma counselling. We can Help!

We will certainly need all the help and resources we can get in this hour of immense need in Nepal.

I am sending out this letter to appeal to your kind generosity and compassion to help us, helping those in great need in Nepal.

As you know, your donation dollars at Himalayan Life go, directly towards the relief work and support in Nepal, rather than overhead costs.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Send a cheque to us directly at the address above, marked Relief Work.
  2. Visit our web site: and go to “Donatenow” button, to donate by Credit Card.
  3. Visit /charities/himalayan-life, to donate by using your Credit Card.


Thank you for all your Prayers and Support – I will keep you posted,


Daniel Burgi