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Reflections from a Visit to HL Pokhara

Our trip to Nepal started last year with a dream to complete the Everest Base Camp trek. It didn’t take long for us to make up our minds and buy tickets to Kathmandu. After sharing our excitement with our church, we became aware of Himalayan Life children’s home in Pokhara. As World Vision sponsors, children’s charity is close to our hearts so we were keen to learn more. 

After arriving in Pokhara we coordinated plans with the HL Pokhara Project Director, Chanman, who turned out to be one of the most wonderful and passionate human beings we had ever met. We arrived at the HL home the next day where a lovely woman named Gitta greeted us and showed us all over the HL site. There, we were able to meet and walk with the children whose daily realities are shaped by the work of HL. The staff work passionately to keep these kids off the streets and in school, clothed and fed. Children were playing hockey, studying from books, and preparing their bikes for a group ride. The home truly is a sanctuary for the children. 

Himalayan Life is clearly a driving force in advocating for children in Nepal. The staff is working hard to take the children away from the darkness of the streets, leading them to new life.

 We learned so much from our time at Himalayan Life. HL is full of understanding, compassion, education and empathy.  I implore you to take time to volunteer, give, and get involved. Together, we have the capacity to really affect change.

— Jesse Mcsweeny

Jesse is a friend of Himalayan Life here in Canada and visited Pokhara with his fiancée Sarah in early September. We thank him for this reflection of his time with HL.

To learn more about the Pokhara Centre, or our other work, visit our Projects page.