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Highlighting Himalayan Life Plastics

Located in Pokhara, Nepal, lies Himalayan Life Plastics (HLP), a social enterprise recycling 40 million bottles a year and producing the highest quality food-grade rPET pellets for bottle production. HLP is defined by Himalayan Life’s core mottos: Protect, Nurture, and Educate. HLP’s initiatives encompass a comprehensive approach to addressing plastic pollution and empowering marginalized communities in Pokhara, Nepal, and beyond.

Protect – HLP is committed to mitigating plastic pollution through sustainable waste management practices. This includes the collection of PET waste from diverse sources across Nepal, ranging from Mt. Everest to national parks, lakes, and rivers. Himalayan Life’s dedicated teams traverse challenging terrain to collect plastic waste, preventing it from polluting pristine environments and endangering wildlife.

Nurture – this reflects HLP’s focus on community development and empowerment. HLP directly employs over 60 individuals, with 60% of them being female, providing stable employment and economic opportunities for local residents. Additionally, HLP has implemented an innovative door-to-door collection system, engaging hotels and restaurants in the Tourist area of Pokhara to responsibly manage their plastic waste.

Educate – HLP raises awareness and provides educational opportunities, particularly for street children. HLP also initiated vocational training programs aimed at equipping these youth with practical skills and empowering them to lead dignified lives. Additionally, HLP provides education to students across the city on the importance of waste management and environmental conservation, fostering a culture of sustainability from a young age.