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Buy a Mountain Bike for our Bike Program!

Our fleet of 15 mountain bikes might be the most extensively used bikes on the planet! The bike program works with both street children and community kids to increase their health and wellbeing. Not only is this a fun activity, but serves as a point of reintegration for street children to connect and build friendships with children from the community.

Lead by our HL Pokhara staff, groups of kids go out on rides every morning and evening. In this, over 200 kids benefit from the bikes, working on skill and endurance. As they ride together, the enormous, and otherwise seemingly insurmountable socio-economic barriers between the kids break down. The low-caste street kid and the entrepreneur’s kid work together to reach the mountain top.

Team of girls with mountain bikes
An all-girls mountain bike group that hit the trails at the end of September!

Our amazing staff use the bikes as a tool to connect with the kids, to show them care and attention they might not otherwise receive. Santosh is one of our leaders who helps run the biking program. His love for biking is evident and he cares so well for the kids and teens he takes with him on the trips.

This holiday season, give the gift of a mountain bike!

A Gift of Life goes towards providing a child with the opportunity to learn the importance of companionship, while struggling up the hills of the Himalayas!

For more information on our mountain bike program, or any of our other programs, visit our Projects page!