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Why Education Matters

For Shristi*, education was essential in breaking the cycle of poverty in her family. After Shristi’s dad passed away, her mom, a water buffalo farmer, struggled to support her four kids. Although Shristi may have dreamed of going to school, education was just not an option.

Shristi’s grandmother, a warm and determined woman, stepped in for the girls to connect them to the local school, not willing to give up the dream of education. Their village did not have a school, so Himalayan Life’s hostel in Ulleri made it possible for them to access education. The hostel parents encouraged and supported Shristi to finish her schooling and connected her with the HL Team in Pokhara to begin a nursing program.

Shristi is now a full-time nurse living with her husband. For the younger girls in the HL Ulleri Home, Shristi is an inspiration to dream big. Her story reveals why education is so essential for transformation in the Himalayas.

This is why education matters and why it is a key focus across all our Himalayan Life projects. 

*Name changed for privacy

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