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What do you love most about working for Himalayan Life?

We have been asking our staff over the past couple months to share what their favourite part of working for Himalayan Life has been. It has been wonderful to hear more about what has inspired our staff to work for HL and what sustains them to continue to do their hard work!

kb & parista

KB and Parista are a dynamic duo that moved up to Yangri to begin as teachers at the Yangri Academic Centre soon after their wedding. Both of them exude so much love and compassion not only for the kids but for the work that they do. They strive to be the best teachers they can be and we are so proud to have them part of our team!

Himalayan Life team member KB works as a teacher at the Yangri Academic Centre Himalayan Life team member Parista works as a teacher at the Yangri Academic Centre

Stay tuned for more Staff Highlights!