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Thank You For Your Donations

On September 16, 2022, Daniel and a team of cyclists completed Altitude: the Ride for Himalayan Life, an incredibly challenging 6-day ride through the Himalayas where they cycled over two of the highest passes in the world. Thank you to all the cyclists who participated in this epic ride for the purpose of raising funds to provide opportunities for education to Nepalese children and break the cycle of poverty.⁠

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our supporters for the generous donations! We reached our fundraising goal of $70,000.

Founder and CEO Daniel Burgi reflects on his Altitude experience

“ALTITUDE is over and the team is back home (except for me)! I wish to thank those who have joined hands with us in coming alongside children and families in the Himalayas. Thank you for your donations!

Adjectives such as gruelling, challenging, exhausting, etc. have been used to describe the ride, and they would all be more than justified. However, most of all, it has been a privilege to me as the captain of Himalayan Life to touch in a very small way on the reality of the daily lives of the people whom we serve: altitude, thin air, scarcity, and so many factors beyond one’s control. I am deeply touched and disturbed that the existence of so many of the workers we have met along the way is always on a knife’s edge. And I am convinced even more that education can make all the difference to their children.

So, I continue to dream (and work!) towards the goal of children having a life filled with purpose, hope, peace, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, and dignity.

Thanks again for your contribution!”