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Continued Commitment to Education in the Yangri Valley

Dear Friends of Himalayan Life,

We would like to give an update on the flooding situation in the Yangri Valley and the surrounding area. Relief operations are ongoing, locally coordinated by the Himalayan Life team. This includes the distribution of both government-sponsored relief material for the area, as well as solar lights, blankets, tarps, tents, solar cookers and food provided by Himalayan Life for the families forming the school community.

Thank you for all the encouragement we have received (emails, calls, donations, prayer). While the loss of our school’s infrastructure is a terrible blow, I can report to you that our team including its leadership is carrying on with much fortitude and commitment. The team in Nepal is finding it rewarding to be in a position to provide help to those who have suffered so much loss in the flooding. With all bridges swept away, they had parents of students risking their lives by crossing the raging river with the help of a rope tied around their waist, just to tell Sonam and the team to please not give up on their kids

We won’t.

As the situation has further stabilized, we have been working on plans for the school. Long-term, we will need to relocate and start building from scratch, as the flooding has destroyed a large portion of our present property and has severely compromised the usefulness of the remaining buildings. Our best estimate at this point would be that it will take 18 months to 2 years before school operations can commence on a new campus. Short-term, we are looking to work with a hybrid model for providing continued instruction to the kids, with some classes on-site in a different location, distributed teaching and online teaching.

Thank you again for your support for us in this time.


Daniel Burgi

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