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Himalayan Life Responds to COVID-19

Dear Friends of Himalayan Life,

I trust this finds you well and COVID-19 free. These are challenging days for all of us, and I hope that you are finding encouragement in pressing into relationships virtually. We would love to hear from you and connect with you.

In light of the current crisis, here is a short report for your kind consideration and prayer. In a bid to forestall the spread of COVID-19, Nepal has been under full lockdown since Monday, March 23rd. Stores and businesses are closed, and people are confined to their homes. Many areas have police patrols to enforce the curfew.

Himalayan Life is adapting to these quickly changing conditions and lockdown. We are providing training and ongoing daily support for all of our leaders to ensure best practices and preparation in light of an anticipated COVID-19 marathon scenario. 

Himalayan Life Plastics staff are trained on COVID-19 preparedness through World Health Organization material in Pokhara, Nepal.
Early on we trained our leaders to run COVID-19 preparation workshops

While some of our programs are on hold due to the lockdown and isolation protocol, we continue to offer a baseline of programs in our children’s homes and shelter in an isolated community context. Forty street children are currently hunkered down at the Himalayan Life shelter in Pokhara, under the care of our staff. Construction work for the expansion of the Yangri Academic Centre (Phase Three) is ongoing, while the construction crews are self-isolating on the school premises. See our Stories of Life 02 video that shows the latest developments here.

Nepal has no employment insurance or financial safety net. We are continuing to support our staff and families, thereby supporting over 1,000 people on a daily basis for their food and basic needs through this crisis. We are also preparing for the coming tidal wave of social need and extreme poverty in Nepal that will be the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis.

Please consider supporting us through this time of crisis. Your one-time gift or monthly commitment will make it possible for us to continue providing basic programs for children in need and vulnerable families, as well as supporting our staff.

Thank you for standing with those whom Himalayan Life serves at this time, even as we hope and pray that Nepal would not experience the worst of COVID-19. The health care system can’t handle even a modest outbreak. We also think of our staff as they prepare for a new future reality in Nepal that will see a rise in urban poverty, increased homelessness, and more kids on the streets. 

We are grateful for you and appreciate all that you are doing through this time. Please stay safe. Peace to you and your families. 

With gratitude,

Daniel Burgi

Community of the Yangri Valley at Himalayan Life's Yangri Academic Centre to receive training on COVID-19 preparedness training in Yangri, Nepal
Community education in Yangri about COVID-19 protocols
The staff of Himalayan Life's Yangri Academic Centre sew masks to give for protection against COVID-19 for the community of Yangri, Nepal
Sewing masks at the Yangri Academic Centre
New hostel building being constructed by Himalayan Life's crew in the Yangri Valley
Continued construction for Phase Three of the Yangri Academic Centre.