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Thank You for Joining The Gala

We want to say thank you for joining in on our Arresting the Darkness Virtual Gala on November 19th.

As we mentioned at the Gala, generous donors offered to match $125,000 of our goal of $250,000 for the Arresting the Darkness campaign. After the Gala, we have $50,000 remaining to reach our goal. Thank you to all of you who made generous donations!

If you would still like to contribute to the Arresting the Darkness campaign you can do so here.

Project Reports

At the Gala, we heard updates from many of our project leaders on how COVID-19 has been impacting their programs and how they are adapting to the increase in need in their communities. Check out a few of the Project Update videos below!

If you missed the Livestream, and want to watch the full recording, you can do that here!

S2S Girls Home



Want to hear more updates? Watch the full Livestream recording of the Gala here!