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A reflection from Daniel on Himalayan Life Plastics Recycling (HLP)

Ideally, we do what we do in life out of conviction, because we believe in it. However, sometimes it works the other way around: as we do something and keep at it, conviction grows. This can be true in matters of faith; as we practice the faith, the heart changes. It certainly has been the case for me regarding the Himalayan Life social enterprise in plastic recycling.

My prime motivation for starting the plant was to create vocational training opportunities for former street kids. Seven years and over 200 million recycled plastic bottles later, I am fully convinced that this is so much bigger and better than ‘just’ vocational training (which in itself is fabulous too – just ask the young men whose lives have been impacted by it!). Men and women from socio-economically marginalized circumstances making a living, earning their daily bread with dignity. The positive impact on the environment. A community at work. Sustainability. An enterprise that runs based on values such as integrity, care, and hope.

While so far, all the recycled plastic was sold domestically and re-used in Nepal, we are currently exploring possibilities to export our top-quality recycled MOUNTAIN PLASTIC. First experiments have delivered positive results. Stay tuned…

– Daniel Burgi, Founder + CEO

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