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Late in the evening of June 2021, Sonam Sherpa, Yangri’s Project Director, ordered the evacuation of the Yangri Academic Centre because he noticed that the river right by the school was flowing abnormally, with high and low water rates in rapid succession. Just a few hours later, a catastrophic flood hit the Yangri valley and washed away two-thirds of our beloved school.


The Next Step – Rebuilding the Yangri School:

Since then, the Yangri Academic Centre has continued operating using large tents for outdoor classrooms. Although the buildings were tragically destroyed, our teachers are dedicated to caring for and providing education to children in the Yangri valley.

As of mid-2022, nearly 10 acres of land were purchased; this acreage is further up the valley and safely away from the river that washed away the Yangri Academic Centre. At the beginning of January 2023, Himalayan Life was issued a building permit for the new campus and under the leadership of Sonam, ground has officially been broken for the new school!




Construction in the Yangri Valley as of March 2023.


A recent community meeting in the Yangri Valley to secure community participation during the construction.


The Next Step – Rebuilding the Yangri School Facts:

  • From kindergarten to grade 12, more than 500 students will be able to attend this school
  • The projected building plan will be over 4 years
  • Excavation work is currently in progress
  • Total project cost: $2,000,000 including land and construction
  • Amount raised to date: $980,000; additionally, we have received pledges of $807,000



If you would like to make a donation to the construction of the new school, please click the button below and choose “The Next Step: Yangri School Rebuild” campaign.