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Stronger Together Grant

We are excited to announce that we have been chosen for a Stronger Together Grant! The Stronger Together partners are contributing $50,000 towards the Yangri Outdoor Centre.

This year marks the tenth year of the Stronger Together Grants. These grants are made possible through a collaboration of private donors and foundations, working together to provide significant investment into innovation within Canada’s Christian charities. 

Yangri Outdoor Centre

This grant will help continue our expansion of the Yangri Academic Centre (YAC) to include the Yangri Outdoor Centre! The Outdoor Centre will provide dynamic ways to teach students at YAC. It will allow for participatory education, benefitting students of all abilities. This type of teaching will especially assist our many students that have developmental and learning disabilities.

The Outdoor Centre will be located in a local Sherpa village. Here the students will learn about the indigenous Sherpa culture and local ecosystems. Outdoor adventure training will facilitate team building through hands-on exercises. Some of this training will be led by older students through the Leaders in Training (LIT) program where they will develop leadership skills.

The Outdoor Centre will be a key piece in creating a holistic education curriculum for the students at our school.

We believe that education is key to the development of the Yangri Valley.

Read more about our grant here!

We are very grateful to the Stronger Together team for supporting and encouraging us as we pursue this new project in Yangri.